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TO Series Surface Temperature Sensing Probe Assembly - Littelfuse
Surface Temperature Sensing in TO-220 Assembly - TO Series

Littelfuse TO220 assemblies are offered in industry standard NTC resistance of 5 K or 10 K with a beta rating of 3892 degrees Kelvin.

SRP1580CA, SRP1510CA, and SRP1513CA Series Shielded Power Inductors - Bourns
SRP15xxCA Series AEC-Q200 Shielded Flat Wire Power Inductors

Bourns Magnetics' SRP15xxCA AEC-Q200 compliant high-current shielded power inductor series meet the requirements of numerous electronic applications.

Image of Cornell Dubilier's ALH series AC Filter Capacitors
Type ALH AC Filter Capacitors for Harsh Environments

Cornell Dubilier's ALH series AC filter capacitors are suitable for applications such as solar, wind, UPS, and EV.

M-Series™ 56 High-Speed BGA Connector System - Amphenol ICC
M-Series™ 56 High-Speed BGA Connector System

Amphenol ICC's M-Series™ 56 high-speed BGA connector system leverages proven technologies, including an excellent BGA design.

Inductive High-Speed Rotor Position Sensor - Amphenol Piher
Inductive High-Speed Rotor Position Sensor

Amphenol Piher's high-speed inductive position sensor is designed for hybrid/electric vehicles powertrain systems.

Electric Enclosure Heaters - Hoffman
Electric Enclosure Heaters

nVent Hoffman Enclosures' thermostatically controlled, fan-driven heater maintains a stable enclosure temperature.

 Low-Profile (LoPro) RF Cable Assemblies - Amphenol SV Microwave
Low-Profile (LoPro) RF Cable Assemblies

Amphenol SV Microwave’s low-profile (LoPro) RF cable assemblies incorporate a unique ferrule design that protects the cable from overbending.

Image of KEMET's Automotive Flex Suppressors
Automotive Flex Suppressors

KEMET's FLEX SUPPRESSOR is a composite sheet made by blending and dispersing micron-sized magnetic material powders in a polymer base.

rEVolutionize Your Electric Vehicles
rEVolutionize Your Electric Vehicles

Learn more about Allegro and the future of automotive systems with their reliable and innovative EV solutions, leading the market in automotive-grade devices for battery monitoring, DC-DC converters & much more. Available at Digi-Key today.

Image of Sequans’ Cassiopeia CB410L CBRS Module
Cassiopeia CB410L CBRS Module

Sequans’ Cassiopeia CB410L cost-effective LCC module is purpose-built to enable easy and massive deployment of IoT devices on private LTE CBRS networks.

Image of Power Integrations' InnoSwitch3-AQ Switcher ICs
InnoSwitch3-AQ Switcher ICs

Power Integrations' CV-regulated InnoSwitch3-AQ switcher ICs achieve up to 90% efficiency across the load range and consume <15 mW under no-load conditions..

Image of Microchip Technology's MCP4461 8-Bit Quad Digital POT with NVM and I2C™
MCP4461 8-Bit Quad Digital Pot with NVM and I2C

Microchip's MCP446X devices offer a variety of configurations simplifying design while minimizing cost, package size and pin count.

Image of Bel Inc's USB Type-C Adapter Cable Assemblies
USB Type-C® Adapter Cable Assemblies

Bel Inc.’s USB Type-C adapter cable assemblies can be connected directly to a monitor, TV, or projector.

Smart7 PROFET™ +2 12 V Motherboard - Infineon
Smart7 PROFET™ +2 12 V Motherboard

Infineon's motherboard is designed to handle several devices within the PROFET™+2 12 V family. Banana connectors are provided for connection to the power lines.

Image of Advanced Energy UltraVolt™ HVA Series Amplifiers
UltraVolt™ HVA Series Amplifiers

Advanced Energy’s UltraVolt HVA series of DC/DC amplifiers is designed for applications that require precise control of fixed or fast-changing high-voltage outputs.