More Parts You Didn’t Know Digi-Key Carried

The first blog on this continues to be such a hit, that I figured it was definitely time for Part 2. To start, I’m going to cover some suggestions that were given in the comments section of the previous blog.

Super glue - Whether you need clear, black, or flexible super glue, or even spray adhesive, we’ve got you covered! There’s a ton of other adhesive options too, such as VHB tape, epoxy, and even thread locker!

(Image sources: MG Chemicals, Chip Quik Inc., and 3M)

Hot glue - You will need this for your new hot glue gun. Ready to upgrade from the local big box store $5 value glue gun? Here are a few options for those everyday needs.

Gloves - Need rubber gloves? Check. Leather gloves? Check. Touchscreen compatible gloves? Check. Or how about just a nice set of general use gloves. Gardening season is upon us… if you don’t live in Minnesota that is. (We went from Summer back to Winter in one week, so that’s fun.)

(Image sources: Klein Tools and 3M)

Bluetooth Speaker - Now, I know you’re thinking, “Why can’t I just use my phone?” Well because some jobs or activities are a little rough, and I’d honestly rather replace this speaker than a super expensive cell phone. Plus, it’s water resistant and has a magnet on the back that is perfect for that auto body technician in your life. Hey, I think I just talked myself into buying this.

Speaker not the best option in your working environment? That’s ok, Digi-Key has you covered with some Bluetooth ear protection from 3M.

Need a small fan to fit your workspace? Take a look at this compact option.

For those that are looking for an adventure, what about a Raspberry Pi build-it-yourself laptop kit? You can use this just like any normal laptop, with access to common apps, and it’s also perfect for someone looking to dive into programming.

Last but definitely not least, how about a credit card sized, hand-held game system? The Arduboy is great for anyone looking to learn how to program, but also for anyone that just thinks it’s cool because there is a library full of free games to download.

(Image source: Seeed Technology Co., Ltd)

Now if you still didn’t quite find the unique item you were looking for in either of these blogs, keep your eye out for Part 3, or just feel free to call in and talk to our Applications Engineering Department. We have people here 24/7 to help with whatever you may need.

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